Laoag 2nd Area (27th Week In The Mission Field)

Kamusta kayong lahat!? HOW GREAT IS MY JOY! I'm loving this work each passing day. It is just only here sa mission where I felt truly happy seeing someone progress in the Gospel. Yesterday some of our investigators went to the Church for the first time, and this time it was different, I felt the support from the ward and I can see that our investigators had a fruitful experience sa Church. My heart was shouting for joy and it's the best feeling ever! How about you? Are you doing your part in hastening the Work of Salvation? I hope you are 'cos it's the best work you can ever have. 

While I was doing the training of my trainee, I was reminded how important the role of members in conversion. Remember, MEMBERS ARE YOUR BEST ALLIES. Serve them and train them as well, harnessing this special resource for conversion will make miracles within reach. 

Also I want to share my training last District Meeting, It was about our BEST RESOURCE FOR CONVERSION. Our best resource for conversion is the Book of Mormon combined with the Spirit and I testify that it is true. Tested and proven. :) As a missionary, I learned to rely in the Spirit all the time. Believe me, he's awesome and he loves you too. So always seek his companionship especially in times of perils, trials and in making decisions. And also share the Book of Mormon to every people you meet, it's power and message, if done in the right way, can touch people's heart and will lead to conversion.

I love you Brethren, Elders and Sisters, till next week. :)

Elder Jison
Philippines Laoag Mission
August 2015 - August 2017

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