Laoag 2nd Area (26th Week In The Mission Field)

Kamusta kayong lahat!? Was not feeling well this past week 'cos the weather here's hot then suddenly will be cold but that's okay 'cos I'm all better now. Anyways, as representatives of Jesus Christ people will have the tendency to naturally open up to you. We have an investigator who open up to us and told us "I don't know why I'm telling you my problems, but I feel you're the right persons to talk to." And it made me realize the power I had as a missionary. If your worthy enough, people will automatically recognized you as representative of Christ, as someone who could help them in their problems. I'm really excited to some of our investigators now. I envision them being inside the temple and making sacred covenants with our Loving Father in Heaven. And I testify that he truly LOVES us. My companion ask me yesterday, "Elder, what are we gonna eat tonight? We don't have rice and we can't buy 'cos it Sunday." And having been prompt, I replied, "Elder we just have to focus on our work right now, And I know the Lord will provide." And true enough someone texted later that night telling us to go to their house to have dinner. Isn't it wonderful? If we faithfully do our part as members of the Church, God will surely give us the blessings we deserve. And I also invite you Brethren, Elders and Sisters to appreciate every blessings you receive, even the small unnoticeable ones. We are sometimes occupied with the many distractions in life that we forget that there are more blessings to appreciate. The fact that we're here on earth, progressing for our eternal gain is actually a big blessing already. I love you Brethren, Elders and Sisters and blessing din kayo sa akin. :)

And also guess what!? We ate a dog last night, and it actually taste like beef. I also learned how to kill a chicken now.

Elder Jison
Philippines Laoag Mission
August 2015 - August 2017

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