Laoag 2nd Area (23rd Week In The Mission Field)

Kamusta kayong lahat! This week was a blast! A lot of exhanges this week too. There really is still a lot of things I need to learn. During those exchanges that I had, I was able to know them better and their lives before and what lead them to serve a mission. And their stories are so inspiring and I realize that I need to appreciate more my life here on earth and all the experiences and blessings I received here. 

We also focus as a District to focus on how to teach SHORT BUT POWERFUL LESSONS. 'Cause if we stay too long, sometimes people would find it hard to differentiate the feeling of having us around (with the Spirit) and when we're not. We want our investigator to wonder how could they get the same feeling of the spirit when we're not around. 

I'm also doing great now at inviting every person in the house to listen to our message, and it really is effective if your looking for investigators to teach. And every time I feel discourage, I always think that "I am called of God and I have the authority to share the gospel to every people" and I invite you to do the same, Full-time or Part-time Missionaries, you have a knowledge of something precious, share it. Sometimes we would be punted but there is no reason to be sad for the field is white and is ready to harvest, there's a lot of souls that needs saving. And those souls needs YOU.

Elder Jison
Philippines Laoag Mission
August 2015 - August 2017

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