Laoag 2nd Area (21st Week In The Mission Field)

Kamusta! There so many things that happen to me last week. I'm really grateful that I've been assigned here in Laoag 5, the members here are trying their best to help us in the work .... and also we have a lot of food appointments! We have dinner appointments straight from Tuesday until Sunday and some of them since they know we doesn't have that much time would deliver the food straight to our apartment :) There is also one missionary who came home last week from Philippines Quezon City  North Mission which means another help for us missionaries! The Ward also conducted a Ward Home Evening for all the returning missionaries and us the new missionaries and it really did strengthen our relationship with our best allies. We also did some service to one of the Less Active member last week. We also had a half day mission and it was successful because a lot of Less Actives went to Church last Sunday. And since where an open area, medyo familiar na ako with our area and hindi na kami nawawala at nag-crocrossing area accidentally ... hahaha. Then there's the World-Wide Missionary Broadcast ... and I wanna say that it's one of the best broadcast I had sa mission. There was a lot revelation I received and a lot of things I learned. Sometimes even nung nagsusulat ako, sunod-sunod yung thoughts that I wanna write in my journal but there was just no time to write it all. What I really like that I learned in the Broadcast was that sometimes we're too focus on "HOW" that we forgot the Spiritual side of things. I was reminded that our faith and obedience affects how our work goes. I was also reminded that the Spirit is the real teacher and we as missionaries should be a worthy vessel for the Holy Spirit. Last week was also the week where I learned that I'll be also a District Leader to an another District, so I'm handling two districts right now. And also two sisters from another Zone got emergency transferred in my district so every District Meeting starting from now on is like a Zone Meeting ... Hahaha.  As for my trainee he's really doing great, I'm giving him more opportunities to talk with people so that he can gain confidence. We're also doing great in mastering Lesson 1 and my trainee is building his vocabulary fast too. 
Elder Jison
Philippines Laoag Mission
August 2015 - August 2017

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