Laoag 2nd Area (20th Week In The Mission Field)

Last week, our Finding Skills was really put into test. Our teaching pool is not yet that big since its an open area and we really have to look for people to teach. We're still teaching most of the time the whole lesson 1 and extend a baptismal date in the first meeting and it is still effective as ever. We would be surprised at times because most of the people we found would often say yes to our baptismal invitation. One thing I learn from my mission is we just have to trust in the message that we missionaries share, have trust that it will touch their heart, have trust that the truthfulness of our message will soften their hearts. And that we as missionaries are their guides for them to know the Gospel. And I know that if they increase their knowledge of the Fullness of the Gospel they will feel something in their hearts and they themselves would begin to ask questions. 

And  also some missionaries got emergency transferred in my district, their areas was split to us and the sisters which means more areas to proselyte which actually is a good thing because it means there are more investigators to teach and to find. I'm also glad that the members here in Bantay are really helping us. We have fellowshippers available and our new Ward Mission Leader is really great (He's an RM who just returned last week). There are also a lot of dinner appointments so even though there are so many temptations (AKA Foods) to buy and transportation to spend here in Laoag, okay lang kasi we don't have to cook that much and napag-kakasya yung support ... hahaha. 

And regarding my trainee, he is doing really great. We're actually improving on teaching lesson 1 (since that's the lesson we would probably teach the first few weeks) and the lessons on the 12 week program is not actually just helping him but also me. Both of us are growing because of the 12 week program and I'm being reminded of the things I should know. I hope that I keep progressing each day like what my President here said to me last interview "Each passing day, we must strive to become better than who we are yesterday." 

Elder Jison

Philippines Laoag Mission
August 2015 - August 2017

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