Laoag 2nd Area (19th Week In The Mission Field)

Last week is definitely a memorable week for me. It's the week I left Paoay, it really is true that you're gonna miss your first area in your mission, but that is part of our missionary life, we just have to let go and let other missionaries have their turn in your previous area ... Hahaha. Last week is also the week where I got my first call of assignment from President Andrada, honestly when he told me that I'm gonna be a trainer and a District Leader as well, I was a little bit nervous and also knowing that the following day I'll be serving in an open area. At first I was scared but if you're gonna think about it, its a chance for me to grow and serve my fellow missionaries. Last week is also the week I met my trainee, Elder Andon, and he's from Micronesia. At the first day we're having a hard time communicating because English is not his first language and so is tagalog too, but now we're really having fun in the work. I'm talking to him in tagalog now more often. Last week, or yesterday to be precise, was my first Sunday accounting the KIs of my district at first it was mind-boggling but I got it now. Last week was also the week I got to meet the leaders and members in my ward, and they we're all fun and engaging in the work. There was also 2 return missionaries in our ward last week ....which means more fellowshippers. I also made last week fun for my trainee and so far he's doing good right now. We're focusing our studies as companions now in mastering Lesson 1 in tagalog because that will probably be our lessons in the next few weeks. We also had this awesome experience last week where we taught the baranggay captain and all his konsehal and they we're mabait and was listening to us so maybe this coming week we'll try going to each of their houses.

Elder Jison
Philippines Laoag Mission

August 2015 - August 2017

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