Hello Everyone! Kamusta? I'm doing good in my first area and everyone here is really great. I'm starting to realize even more my purpose as a missionary and I'm loving this work :) Cheers and Alright!

- from his email

Till next week!


Paoay is his first area.

He told us that it is really important to learn on how to speak Ilocano since it is what most of the poeple are using.

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He arrived in Laoag last September 10.

He's living with three other missionaries. All of them from different countries. All of them are either a zone leader or a district leader.
One is from California (his trainer).
One from New Zealand.
One from Utah.

So he's the only Filipino in the apartment. A little bit of a language barrier between him and the foreign missionaries but it helps him practice his English more.

He's also having difficulty speaking and understanding Ilocano. (You'll learn it soon enough Elder. Good luck!)

Till next week!


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Now in the MTC!

He's in the Abinadi District and was chosen surprisingly as the district leader. He told us that there are already a lot of challenges during his stay in the MTC.

Hoping that these challenges will make him stronger. Fighting!

Credits to Junard Celestino Vinluan for the last 5 pictures.

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