I was preparing myself to go to the gym. I grab my duffel bag and stuff all the usual things I need ..... an extra shirt, a towel, my keys, deodorant and etc. And so I went, but when I was about to close the gate at our house, I realize that I forgot my phone, and so I went back inside and look for it. I found it charging at the kitchen counter. I usually put my phone inside my duffel bag along with my other things so that when I put my bag at the locker it will be safe from thieving hands, but it was different this time, Instead of putting it in my bag I felt that I should just put it in my pocket. I had a feeling that someone might call me.

I was at the gym, doing some bench presses when my phone suddenly started ringing, I went outside to answer it, but the other end hang up. I went inside to continue what I was doing, after a few minutes, my phone rang again, and this time I answered it immediately. It was my mom and she had great news, "You have your mission call! Bro. Ricky will deliver it in our house". Excitement went rushing all over my body, I hang up, grab my things, and went straight to our home and waited for my mission call to come. After an hour Bro. Ricky's wife, Sis Em called and told me to wait outside in front of our house 'cos they're not quite sure where it is. I went outside and in a few seconds they were there. They gave me an envelope, congratulate me and off they went. I never felt so happy, I went inside and when I can't contain my excitement ... I started jumping around the house and it looked like as if I've gone mental. I gather my senses and stared at the envelope for a very long time and thats when I decided to open it this coming sunday with my family and church friends.

So I put my letter at my desk and wondered to myself "Where will I serve my mission?"

Mission Call

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